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Pear Aquamarine Rings

The pear shape is a teardrop-shaped cut that has a rounded end on one side and a pointed end on the other, creating a graceful and elongated shape that can make the fingers appear longer and more slender.

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Woman Aquamarine Engagement Ring | The Signature Pear White GoldThe Signature Pear Aquamarine
The Signature Pear Aquamarine Sale priceFrom $990.00
The Sunset Pear AquamarineThe Sunset Pear Aquamarine
The Sunset Pear Aquamarine Sale priceFrom $1,790.00
The Florence Pear AquamarineThe Florence Pear Aquamarine
The Florence Pear Aquamarine Sale priceFrom $4,990.00
The Beverly Pear AquamarineThe Beverly Pear Aquamarine
The Beverly Pear Aquamarine Sale priceFrom $890.00
The Carla Pear AquamarineThe Carla Pear Aquamarine
The Carla Pear Aquamarine Sale priceFrom $1,490.00
The Anastasia Pear AquamarineThe Anastasia Pear Aquamarine
The Anastasia Pear Aquamarine Sale priceFrom $1,990.00

Aquamarine rings

Choosing an aquamarine for a ring or engagement ring offers a captivating and affordable alternative to traditional options. Its serene blue-green hues and symbolic meanings of calmness and eternal love make it a unique choice. Aquamarines can be incorporated into various ring styles, showcasing individuality and personal taste. With a hardness of 7.5-8, they are durable for everyday wear. Beyond its visual appeal, an aquamarine ring holds sentimental value, representing a love story and serving as a constant reminder of commitment. Embrace the distinctive beauty and meaningful symbolism of an aquamarine engagement ring.

Some popular aquamarine ring styles include large solitaire rings, halo settings, and vintage-inspired designs. Notable examples include the exquisite emerald-cut aquamarine ring worn by Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, which belonged to Princess Diana. Additionally, actress Elizabeth Taylor possessed a famous aquamarine and diamond ring gifted by her husband Richard Burton. Celebrities often gravitate towards aquamarine rings for their unique and eye-catching beauty, as well as their association with elegance and sophistication.

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Aquamarine Rings


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