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The Bernadette Diamond Ring (Turquoise)The Bernadette Diamond Ring (Turquoise)
The Marjorie Emerald RingThe Marjorie Emerald Ring
The Marjorie Emerald Ring Sale price$2,290.00
The Claudette Sapphire RingThe Claudette Sapphire Ring
The Claudette Sapphire Ring Sale price$3,590.00
The Bridgette Baguette Sapphire RingThe Bridgette Baguette Sapphire Ring
The Ivonne Pear Sapphire RingThe Ivonne Pear Sapphire Ring
The Ivonne Pear Sapphire Ring Sale price$2,590.00
The Jasmine Diamond BandThe Jasmine Diamond Band
The Jasmine Diamond Band Sale price$2,290.00
The Esmeralda Diamond RingThe Esmeralda Diamond Ring
The Esmeralda Diamond Ring Sale price$2,990.00
The Celina Sapphire & Diamond BandThe Celina Sapphire & Diamond Band
The Hardy Sapphire BandThe Hardy Sapphire Band
The Hardy Sapphire Band Sale price$3,290.00
The Ursula Oval Sapphire Band (Six Stone)The Ursula Oval Sapphire Band (Six Stone)
The Beatrice Sapphire RingThe Beatrice Sapphire Ring
The Beatrice Sapphire Ring Sale price$2,790.00
Save $700.00The Margot Cushion Moissanite (7x7)The Margot Cushion Moissanite (7x7)
The Margot Cushion Moissanite (7x7) Sale price$3,890.00 Regular price$4,590.00
Save $500.00The Ava Heart Moissanite (9.5mm)The Ava Heart Moissanite (9.5mm)
The Ava Heart Moissanite (9.5mm) Sale price$2,490.00 Regular price$2,990.00
Save $300.00The Sydney Radiant Moissanite (10x8)The Sydney Radiant Moissanite (10x8)
The Sydney Radiant Moissanite (10x8) Sale price$4,590.00 Regular price$4,890.00
Save $200.00The Marissa Cushion Moissanite (8x8)The Marissa Cushion Moissanite (8x8)
The Marissa Cushion Moissanite (8x8) Sale price$2,790.00 Regular price$2,990.00
Save $700.00The Marissa Cushion Moissanite (7x7)The Marissa Cushion Moissanite (7x7)
The Marissa Cushion Moissanite (7x7) Sale price$1,990.00 Regular price$2,690.00
Save $105.00The Twig Round Amethyst Ring (10mm)The Twig Round Amethyst Ring (10mm)
The Twig Round Amethyst Ring (10mm) Sale price$590.00 Regular price$695.00
The Julie Oval Sapphire (7x6mm)The Julie Oval Sapphire (7x6mm)
The Valerie Round Tanzanite (7.5mm)The Valerie Round Tanzanite (7.5mm)
The Chelsea Oval SapphireThe Chelsea Oval Sapphire
The Chelsea Oval Sapphire Sale price$2,250.00
The Leila Three-Sided Diamond BandThe Leila Three-Sided Diamond Band
The Leila Halo Cushion Moissanite (7x7)The Leila Halo Cushion Moissanite (7x7)
The Signature Cushion White Topaz (8x8mm)The Signature Cushion White Topaz (8x8mm)